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Latest News

Christmas Hours 2014


Quest Federal Credit Union will be opening the following hours during the Christmas Holiday.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Thursday, December 25, 2014: Closed

Friday, December 26, 2014: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm with extended drive thru hours until 5:30 pm.

Thank you and we wish you a very merry holiday season!

Student Financial Literacy

Quest Federal Credit Union had the opportunity to speak with local students at Ridgemont HS and the Ridgemont FFA program today. Jolene Bailey was present to discuss Financial Literacy with the high school students. Thanks to the Ridgemont HS & Ridgemont FFA for having Quest today, we’re always ready to help do our part to educate.

If your school or group would ever like to have a presentation on Financial Literacy to your youth members or students, please contact Jolene Bailey or Brian Sprang at Quest Federal Credit Union to talk about scheduling a presentation!

From the CEO – 12/2014

Matt Jennings CEO

Matt Jennings CEO

From the CEO’s Desk,

Hello, my name is Matt Jennings and I am the CEO of Quest Federal Credit Union.

It’s an exciting time for Quest! With the holidays here, we are excited to enjoy the season with our families and to see our members enjoying their time with loved ones and maybe even a little time away from work. It’s also very exciting to see our credit union grow, change and excel as we wrap up our fiscal year. Quest is proud of our financial stability and as we finish December, 2014 should prove to be another very strong year. Loans have grown at a steady pace all year and we should end the year with 17% loan growth and overall portfolio at $55 million. Membership has also continued to increase each month and we are well over 4% member growth and we are now 12,800 members strong!

A few items to keep you up to date, we have promoted Jordan Henry to Loan Officer in our Bellefontaine office serving Logan County. Stop by or give Jordan a call for any lending needs you might have. AG*Quest continues to shine brightly as one of our top new product offerings. Shannon Allmon, VP of AG*Quest has grown the program to over $5 million and continues to see growth in the Ag lending division. Please do not hesitate to give Shannon a call if you have any Ag lending needs.

In closing, I hope you enjoy and your families have a very Safe & Happy Holiday Season. I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions from our members. I can be
reached by calling the Main Office or via email at Thank you for your loyal patronage to Quest and I challenge you to Explore the Possibilities!

Matt Jennings
Chief Executive Officer

Hardin Leadership 2014

Congratulations Vickie!!!

Quest Federal Credit Union would like to congratulate one of our own, Vickie Roszman, for the successful completion and graduation from the Hardin Leadership 2014 program. We are proud to have Vickie on our team and offer our congratulations to her. Well done Vickie!

Jennifer Nelson (sponsor) and Vickie Roszman

Jennifer Nelson (sponsor) and Vickie Roszman

Quest makes major capital contribution

Quest Federal Credit Union helps with capital contribution to Hilliker YMCA.

Quest Federal Credit Union helps with capital contribution to Hilliker YMCA.

Quest Federal Credit Union CEO, Matt Jennings, recently announced board approval of a $50,000 contribution to the Hilliker YMCA in the form of $10,000 annual payments for the next five years. The contribution will enable the Hilliker YMCA to make several large capital improvements over the five year period, including a new pool boiler, tuckpointing and replacing locker room floors with a non-slip epoxy finish.

“It is the belief of Quest Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors and Management that we are obligated to help grow not only the financial health of the communities we serve but also the physical health of our communities to improve the quality of life for everyone. The YMCA is a tremendous organization that offers something for everyone in our community and we cannot think of a better investment than to help insure that the Hilliker YMCA is supported, healthy and growing so it can best serve our members and the community as a whole,” commented Mr. Jennings, CEO.

“We are very appreciative of Quest’s multi-year commitment to the Hilliker YMCA, stated CEO Jim Bouldin. “Nearly 8% of Logan Countians are members of the Hilliker YMCA. Our members serve as a strong representation of Logan County as a whole—rich and poor, young and old, weak and strong.”

The pool boiler, which has been in place for 14 years, is the first project set to be completed. A new model will be more efficient and will save on utility costs. The indoor pool at the Y benefits many locals. For example, over 376 swim lessons were taught last year, an increase of 140% over the previous year, with even more lessons on tap for this year. In addition, the Y swim team, called the Hilliker Heat, represents kids from nine school districts. Three Logan County schools, Bellefontaine, Ben Logan and Indian Lake hold high school swim team practices at the pool. In addition, the pool is used daily for senior swim classes, general swim classes, rehabilitation, in collaboration with Mary Rutan Hospital, and member workouts.

“This commitment from Quest Federal Credit Union, and other large multi-year commitments, enable the Hilliker YMCA to do a more efficient job of planning for large capital improvements. In addition, it is a more efficient way to do business for both parties, asking for contributions once every five years versus asking annually,” stated Marketing & Development Coordinator Candace Watson, “We hope to utilize this contribution model as much as possible moving forward.”

Picture Caption:
L to R: Katey Headley, Wellness & Program Director Hilliker YMCA, Linda Wilcox, SilverSneakers/Membership Coordinator Hilliker YMCA, Jared Patterson, Maintenance Director Hilliker YMCA, Brian Sprang, CIO Quest Federal Credit Union, Jim Bouldin, CEO Hilliker YMCA, Bob Barnwell, VP Board of Directors Hilliker YMCA, Tobi Collins, VP Quest Federal Credit Union, Jordan Henry, Loan Officer Quest Federal Credit Union, Candace Watson, Marketing & Development Coordinator Hilliker YMCA and Mike Mullins, President Board of Directors Hilliker YMCA.

The Hilliker YMCA’s mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. If interested in membership, please stop in or contact the YMCA at 937-592-9622.

Quest Announces Promotion


Jenny Musson VP of Branch Operations

Quest Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that Jennifer M. Musson has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Branch Operations – Main Office. Jenny joined Quest in 2005 and since that time has worked in member service, real estate underwriting and various roles in frontline management. “Jenny’s experience and ability to serve our members at the highest level of satisfaction as well as manage staff in a kind and respectful manner makes her a very valuable asset to Quest. We are happy to see her achieve this well-deserved promotion and we look forward to the continuation of outstanding service to our members at our Main Office location” state Matt Jennings, CEO of Quest.

Jenny (Prater) and her husband Lee are both lifelong Hardin County residents and they have 3 children, Aliyah, Kyrah and Cohen. Jenny is very active in her church, Only Believe Ministries – Kenton Campus and is a member of their worship team.

From the CEO – 10/2014

Matt Jennings CEO

Matt Jennings CEO

From the CEO’s Desk,

Hello, my name is Matt Jennings and I am the CEO of Quest Federal Credit Union.

It seems like every week there is a news story relating to data breaches for large retail vendors, Target, Home Depot, K-Mart, just to name a few. I want to assure our members that at Quest, we take these events very seriously and we are doing all that we can to limit the risk exposure for our members and to help clean up in the aftermath if your card was affected. Most times, your card is not directly compromised but is “potentially” compromised due to being used at one of the retailers or restaurants and to play it safe, we are notified of the potential compromise and then we take the necessary steps to limit our risk by blocking that card and issuing a new one. The process is inconvenient to say the least but the safest play for you the member and Quest as the card provider. If you recall, I listed a few helpful hints last month on how to protect yourself online, this month I would like to offer a few helpful hints if you are notified or are worried you could be affected.
As always, we are here to serve so if you have any questions, comments or concerns, just give us a call and any one of our Member Service staff can help explain and resolve the issues.


  • If you are contacted by our card services, they will know your card number and will offer to block your card. If a caller ever asks that you confirm your social security number, card number, etc….THAT IS NOT QUEST. We have your information, our card processor has your information and we will NOT ask you to tell us anything.
  • If your card is potentially compromised, we suggest you agree to have the card blocked immediately or if you are travelling, that you defer until you are able to access your money by a different source than the card in question. We never want to leave any one stranded.
  • Once your card has been blocked, simply call in to any of our branch locations and we will kick start the re-issue process on your behalf and get you a new card ASAP
  • If it is after hours and you believe you have fraud on your card or are simply worried that someone may have compromised your card, visit our website (direct URL below) and do not hesitate to call our card services department and they can tell you recent transactions and assist with a card block.
  • In the event that you lose your card or misplace a wallet, simply call and request a card block and then if you find the card, we can always remove the block. Better safe than sorry.

In closing, I hope you enjoy the changing of the seasons, take a moment to enjoy the fall splendor and spend some time with family and friends! I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions from our members. I can be reached by calling the Main Office or via email at Thank you for your loyal patronage to Quest and I challenge you to Explore the Possibilities!

Matt Jennings

Chief Executive Officer

Call for Candidates

Calling all candidates

The Quest Federal Credit Union will hold its Annual Meeting on March 21, 2015 at the Plaza Inn in Mt. Victory at 9:00 am. Any eligible voting member interested in petitioning for inclusion on the 2015 Ballot for Board of Directors or Credit Committee may request a petition packet in writing by contacting the Nominating Committee Chair in writing, no later than November 14, 2014.  All petition packets must be returned in its entirety to the Nominating Committee Chair no later than December 26, 2014.

Quest Federal Credit Union
Attn: Nominating Committee Chair
12837 St Rt 68 S.
Kenton OH 43326

ADDENDUM: Let this addendum serve as notice that per the bylaws of the Quest Federal Credit Union, if there is only one nomination for each board position opening and no candidate by petition, it will be determined that there is no contest by the Nominating and Supervisory Committee and no ballot will be mailed.

Thank you,

Quest Federal Credit Union

Data Breach and Compromised Cards


***** UPDATE October 3, 2014 *****

For members that experience difficulties with debit and credit card transactions after the close of business on Friday (10/03/2014) and over the weekend, please use the following contact numbers:

  • Debit/ATM Cards: 1-888-918-7852
  • Visa Credit Cards: 1-800-453-4270

In the event that fraudulent activities are identified by the processing companies, a block may be placed on the card and all transactions will be suspended. Please use the above numbers to contact the processing companies to determine card status. Thank you.

For immediate release — October 2, 2014

We have received notices from our debit and credit card processors regarding at-risk/compromised cards associated with the recent Home Depot Data Breach.

Many cards have been compromised in this breach and we are taking steps to close these cards and reduce the risk for fraudulent activities on the identified accounts.

We will be reissuing cards to replace the compromised/closed cards. Due the large scope of the Home Depot breach, we’ve been advised that it may take a little longer than normal for the replacement debit cards to arrive in the mail. PINS will be mailed separately, and should be delivered 2-3 days after the plastic card.

If you have been impacted by the breach you may have already been contacted by phone by the processing companies. Quest is also notifying all card holders with at risk/compromised cards directly by telephone, to minimize any inconvenience and confusion. We will continue to monitor at-risk/compromised cards for fraud. You should review the activity of your account frequently and report any suspicious activity to us immediately. If you have any questions you may contact the credit union at 419-674-4998 (or toll-free at 1-800-333-9571).

These data breach incidents are frustrating for Quest members and Quest Staff/Management alike. The time and expense to reissue cards is considerable but we think it is imperative to make sure your transactions are secure. Quest Federal Credit Union has begun the process of enhancing our card programs with EMV chip enabled cards. EMV chip technology should reduce this type of massive data theft considerably. Please watch your Quest statements, newsletters, and social media for more information on EMV chip cards in 2015.

As always, we urge you to be diligent in protecting your personal information. Remember, Quest Federal Credit Union will never ask you to enter or say your card number by email, text or phone. We may call to validate charges for security purposes, however you will not be asked for your card number or for your security code, so you should never give that information out in a contact not initiated by you.

There is no need to take any immediate action regarding your Quest Federal Credit Union credit or debit card unless you hear from us or our processing companies – you may continue to use your cards. However, if your card is identified to us as part of the breach, we will contact you regarding the replacement of your card.

It is extremely important for you to monitor your account activity very closely.  If you use It’s Me 247 online, mobile and/or text banking, please log in frequently to review your account activity, and report any unusual or unexplained transactions to us immediately.  We recommend that you take advantage of the “Alert” capabilities of It’s Me 247 and subscribe today.  Simply log in and go to Info Center, then click on eAlert Subscriptions.  These automated alerts can give you a “heads up” notice of a low account balance or large withdrawal.  If you do not use our electronic services, please be sure to monitor all of your account statements promptly and thoroughly, and report any discrepancies to us immediately.

Your security is very important to us, and we will take all steps necessary to ensure your account and personal information is protected.  If you need assistance please call us at 419-674-4998 or toll-free at 1-800-333-9571.


Quest Announces Donation To Fair Fund

Pictured (left to right) 1st row- Jeff Beach, Cam Hemmerly, Nikki Haushalter, Jerry Layman, Jackie Brown, Scott Sprang, Dick Wilcox, Allen Barrett. 2nd row – Ron Rogers, Jim Ramge, Paul Ralston, David Haushalter, Terry Minter, Brian Sprang, Ron Ridenour, Virginia Tice, Dave Sturgeon, Kelly Buchenroth, Sarah Wirbel, Ed Elliott

Pictured (left to right) 1st row- Jeff Beach, Cam Hemmerly, Nikki Haushalter, Jerry Layman, Jackie Brown, Scott Sprang, Dick Wilcox, Allen Barrett. 2nd row – Ron Rogers, Jim Ramge, Paul Ralston, David Haushalter, Terry Minter, Brian Sprang, Ron Ridenour, Virginia Tice, Dave Sturgeon, Kelly Buchenroth, Sarah Wirbel, Ed Elliott

The Hardin County Community Foundation “Fair Fund” was established in 2014 by the Hardin County Fair Foundation for long term capital improvement projects at the Hardin County Fairgrounds. Quest Federal Credit Union is announcing a $10,000 donation to the Fair Fund in memory of Thomas “Tom” Sprang for his 25 years of service to the credit union credit committee. “Tom’s commitment to the fair and to improving the financial quality of life of local residents was immense and Quest would like to honor his life’s work by contributing to this worthy cause in Tom’s name” stated Dick Wilcox, Board President of Quest. “The Fair Foundation Fund will create a way for area residents and families to see that our fair remains one of the best, if not the best, in the State and what better way to say thank you to Tom than to memorialize him in a way that will give back every year to one of his true passions, the Hardin County Fair” continued Wilcox.

Tom joined the Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union credit committee in 1989 and served his fellow credit union members well over the years and was a part of the transition to Hardin Community Federal and later Quest Federal including our most recent expansion into not only Hardin but also Logan and Wyandot Counties. Tom served with the same passion on our credit committee as he did for the fair seeking low cost financial services for our members and seeing that the credit union was there to help when it was needed most. This fund will be used to further the ideals and goals of the fair board and junior fair board, causes that Tom strongly believed in. Thanks Tom for all of the lives you impacted through 4-H, the fair and by serving your fellow credit union members!