Quest offers an assortment of loans to meet all of your borrowing needs.  From Visa Credit Cards to Mortgage loans, we’ve got you covered.  Follow the links to the left for more information on our loan products.  If you have questions, please call 1-800-333-9571 or

We offer payment protection on all loans with the exception of our Mortgages.  This protects you if you are off work for 14 days or longer.  Your payment will be made and it will also pay the loan off in the unfortunate event you pass away.

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Loan Rates – Effective Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Loan Type Rates as low as Terms/Information
NEW VEHICLE LOAN 3.050% New Vehicle Rates are Great
PRE OWNED VEHICLE LOAN 3.050% Special Rates for our members
SIGNATURE LOAN 7.990% Unsecured Loan, funds can be used for anything
AG QUEST NEW AUTO 2.990% Annual Payment Available
AG QUEST PREOWNED AUTO 2.990% Annual Payments Available
AG QUEST NEW UTILITY 2.990% Skid Loaders, Utility Trailers, Stock Trailers, etc
AG QUEST USED UTILITY EQUIP 2.990% Skid Loaders, Utility Trailers, Stock Trailers, etc
PREOWNED RV LOAN 3.990% Preowned RV’s, boats, campers, motorcycles, travel trailers
FHLB MTG 30 YR PORTFOLIO 3.875% Primary Residence
15 YR FHLB PORTFOLIO 3.250% Primary Residence
NEW RECREATIONAL VEHICLE LOAN 3.990% 144 mo max term on RV’s, boats, campers,motorcycles, etc
FIXED RATE HELOC 7YR BALLOON 4.650% Fixed Rate HELOC, Call CU for Details
NEW BOAT LOAN 3.990% New Boat
PREOWNED BOAT LOAN 3.990% Pre Owned Boat
NEW MOTORCYCLE LOAN 3.990% New Motorcycle
SHARE/CD SECURED LOAN 3.050% Secure your loan with a savings or cd for a low rate
UTILITY EQUIPMENT 3.990% Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mower Trailer, misc
CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY LOAN 7.990% Christmas/Holiday loan rates are great


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