Savings and Checking Accounts

Membership Eligibility

Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in either Hardin, Logan or Wyandot County is eligible for Membership.  You are also eligible for Membership if you have an immediate family member who is a member.  Immediate is defined as parent, sibling, spouse or in-law.  If you have ever had a Membership with the credit union you can re-open that Membership. Once a Member, Always a Member.

Regular Savings Account

In order to become a member of Quest Federal Credit Union, one must meet the eligibility requirements (see above) and deposit a $5.00 par value into a Regular Share Account.  This $5.00 par value must remain in the Regular Share Account as long as your Membership is open.  If you choose to close your Membership, the par value is returned to you*.  There is no minimum balance (except for the par value) required for Regular Share Accounts.  Interest is paid monthly on any balance over $150.00.  Regular Share Accounts are limited to 6 debit transactions per month.

Sub Share Account

You may have multiple Sub Share Accounts on your Membership Account.  Sub Share Accounts have no minimum balance requirements and interest is paid monthly for balances over $150.00.  Sub Share Accounts are limited to 6 debit transactions per month.

Christmas Club Account

As a member of QFCU we offer a Christmas club account with no minimum balance required. We at QFCU let you the members deposit or withdrawal any amount that you want throughout the year. You earn dividends on your Christmas club as long as the balance is $150 or more. You as members of QFCU can also have any set amount of your payroll direct deposited into your Christmas club account. There is no set amount. If you see half way through the year you need to change the amount that is going in; you can do that too. There are no fees for early withdrawals. The Christmas Club account is a great idea for you to set enough money aside for Christmas and not have to worry about money for gifts when the season comes around.

Transactional Share Account (eff. 5/1/2012)

No minimum balance requirements, interest is paid monthly for any balance over $150.00.  Transactional Share Accounts have no transaction limits.


  • Can have money directly deposited to IRA.
  • Have IRA certificates.
  • Traditional or Roth IRAs.
  • Earnings may be tax deferred.
  • Anyone who makes compensation can open and deposit to an IRA.
  • Can rollover or direct transfer funds into a members IRA.

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Money Market Account

Money Market Accounts are another savings option for QFCU members.  Money Market Accounts pay a higher dividend than Regular or Sub Share Accounts but also have some restrictions.  Money Market Accounts require a minimum balance of $500.00 to earn interest, however, if the balance falls below the $500.00, no fees or penalties are incurred.  There is a maximum of 1 withdraw allowed per month.  If more than 1 withdraw per month is taken, there will be a $15.00 withdraw penalty for each excess withdraw.  Money Market Accounts have a tiered dividend structure and are as follows:

Basic Money Market $500-$10,000

Bronze Money Market $10,001-$50,000

Silver Money Market $50,001-$100,000

Gold Money Market $100,001-$150,000

Platinum Money Market $150,001 +

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

The minimum balance to open a CD is $1000.00 ($500.00 for minors age 18 and under).  A higher rate is paid on CD’s $10,000.00 and over.  Dividends on CD’s are paid monthly and can be posted to the CD balance, deposited into a Share or Share Draft Account or mailed to the member in a check.  No additional funds may be added to the CD until the maturity date.  Withdraws before the maturity date will incur an early withdraw penalty.  CD’s will automatically renew for the same term at maturity.  There is a 10 day grace period after maturity in which you the member may make changes or redeem the CD.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

QFCU offers Health Savings Accounts for those members who qualify.  There are no minimum balance requirements.  Dividends are paid monthly on a balance of $150.00 or more.  Checks are available upon request for an additional charge.  *Please consult your employer or tax advisor for qualifications.*

Share Draft (Checking)

Regular Checking Accounts have no minimum balance requirements and pay no dividends.  There are no limits on how many checks you can write or how many transactions you can have.  There are no monthly fees.  Debit cards are available with Checking Accounts.  Courtesy pay is available to qualified members (there is a fee for Courtesy Pay).

Dividend-Bearing Checking

As a member with QFCU you can open a dividend-bearing checking free of charge. Tier 1 has an average daily balance of $500 to $1499 and Tier 2 has an average daily balance of $1500 or higher . You have the same benefits of our regular checking with the dividend-bearing checking. You can have a debit card, write as many checks as you want without a fee, and there is no fee for falling below $500. You can also view your checks, statements, transfer funds from accounts and reorder your interest bearing checking checks on our online banking. Dividend-bearing checking benefits you as members of QFCU in ways that your regular checking doesn’t.

You can keep a large sum of money in your checking, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to transfer money over and still earn dividends on the money that is sitting there.