Apple Pay is Here!

Quest Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that members can add their Quest debit and credit cards for use with Apple Pay! Apple Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay. Apple Pay is free and available to any member with an iPhone 6 or newer, Apple Watch, and/or Apple iPad Air 2 or newer.
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Bill Pay Conversion

Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay Conversion Coming Soon!

Quest Federal Credit Union is excited to announce that we will be undergoing an upgrade to our It’s Me 247 Bill Pay system in the coming weeks. Take a look at the information below to learn more about the conversion process and features of the new, improved It’s Me 247 Bill Pay system.

Does this affect me?


No, it does not affect you and your online banking experience will not be affected. However, following the conversion on March 24th, 2016, we would like to invite you to check out the new online bill pay feature through It’s Me 247 Online Banking.


Yes, this information and conversion does affect you and you should review this information as soon as possible. In addition to this information, helpful emails will be sent to our current bill pay users to perform the required maintenance to ensure a smooth conversion. Please continue reading.

General Information

Our new system will include features that will make this valuable tool even better, including:

  • Full integration within online banking
  • Full mobile functionality for your phone or tablet
  • Ability to configure email alerts
  • Real-time access to checking account balance
  • Reminders if balance isn’t sufficient to pay bills
  • A more intuitive, user-friendly experience

In order to roll out the enhanced version, we’ll need to temporarily turn off our current It’s Me 247 Bill pay for a short period prior to our upgrade. Beginning March 21st, 2016 and ending March 24th, 2016 you will not have access to It’s Me 247 Bill pay. On March 24th, 2016 we encourage you to log in and check out the new system.

Important Dates

March 20, 2016

This is the last day that the current bill pay system will be available.

March 24, 2016

This is the first day that the new bill pay system will be available.

Conversion Data

The following information is presented as as a guide. Please download the FAQ for detailed information.


Yes, we expect a high percentage of payee information to automatically convert. Please read the FAQ to get more information about what to expect with the conversion.


Yes, we expect that payments already scheduled will process as normal through the end date of March 24, 2016. Please read the FAQ to get more information about what to expect with the conversion.


Yes, we expect recurring payments to convert. However, we do recommend that you review the recurring payments after the conversion to ensure that they have converted properly. Please read the FAQ to get more information about what to expect with the conversion.


Approximately 6 months’ worth of bill pay history is expected to carry over to the new system. YOUR MOST RECENT PAYMENT HISTORY WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. If you need your most recent payment information, we recommend you download or print off the past months’ history prior to March 21, 2016. Please read the FAQ to get more information about what to expect with the conversion.

From Quest Federal Credit Union:

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their understanding and patience during this conversion process. We did not enter into this process without the understanding that many of our member/owners rely upon the bill pay services offered by the credit union. We realize that this may cause some inconveniences and difficulties as we transition from one system to another. We will make every effort possible to ensure a smooth transition before and after the conversion. We need your help as well, please take time to review this information as well as the information in the FAQ. If you have questions or would like to work with someone from the credit union to ensure that your payment information is converted, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you again for your understanding.

Conversion Documents

A “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) document is available for download. This FAQ contains detailed information about the data conversion process. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT HERE
A “Collecting Payee Information” document is available for download. This document contains detailed information about collecting current PAYEE information through the current bill pay system. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT HERE
A “Payee Collection Form” document is available for download. This document is a form to help assist in collecting PAYEE information prior to the conversion. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT HERE

Additional Information

We have made the following videos available to provide more information: Online Bill Pay Videos

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New ATM Deployed!

Did you know?!?

Quest Federal Credit Union recently deployed an ATM at the Department of Motor Vehicles Kenton office. This ATM is accessible at the following address. 1021 Lima Street #101, Kenton, OH 43326.

This ATM is fee free for Quest members and is open to the public during business hours. Thank you and feel free to share!

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