Equifax Data Breach Help

Equifax Data Breach

By now you’ve probably heard that the Equifax credit bureau was breached this past July, though was only just made public. Around 143 million consumers were exposed in the breach. This very likely means someone in your household, if not you, has been affected by the breach. In fact, it’s pretty safe to assume that your personal credit bureau information is now out there.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Start monitoring your credit reports for unusual/unauthorized activities.
  2. If you don’t need a loan in the near future, you can lock your report. If you do, lock it at all three bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian). This will prevent loans being taken out in your name. You can do this for free by calling each bureau.
  3. If you’re worried, you can put a fraud alert on your records at the bureaus. This is good for 90 days, and is free. Again, will make getting a loan harder during the 90 days.
  4. Equifax has a web page where you can type in your information and they’ll tell you if they think your info was affected in the breach. Further, they are offering free credit monitoring as part of their response to the breach. Read the fine print and understand what you are giving up before you sign up for this service.
  5. Be extra suspicious of unsolicited emails. Spammers and scammers will create new and interesting scams around this information and will be able to have extremely targeted and personalized campaigns. Turn a suspicious eye towards your inbox and don’t fall for scams. If in doubt THROW IT OUT!

To learn more about the breach, and to begin the process to determine whether your information is included in the data breach, go to https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com.

For member/owners who apply for credit or loan services at any Quest Federal Credit Union branch or online, Quest does utilize the credit reporting services of Equifax, as well as Experian and TransUnion in certain cases. Your individual credit union account information is not at risk, only the information indicated by the Equifax press release dated September 7, 2017.


With ID*Protect, Quest Federal Credit Union’s identity theft protection partner, ID*Protect gives you everything you need to safeguard your identity, protect your credit and help you recover should you become a victim of identity fraud. ID*Protect can be added for your protection at any time, it costs just $4.00/month if you do not have a current loan with Quest Federal Credit Union, for members with current loans, the monthly fee is waived for the life of the loan.

Learn more about ID*Protect
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Call for Candidates 2017

Calling all candidates

The Quest Federal Credit Union will hold its Annual Meeting on March 17th, 2018 at the Plaza Inn of Mt. Victory, OH at 9:00 am. Any eligible voting member interested in petitioning for inclusion on the 2018 Ballot for Board of Directors or Credit Committee may request a petition packet in writing by contacting the Nominating Committee Chair in writing, no later than November 17, 2017.  All petition packets must be returned in its entirety to the Nominating Committee Chair no later than December 18, 2017.
Quest Federal Credit Union
Attn: Nominating Committee Chair
12837 St Rt 68 S.
Kenton OH 43326
ADDENDUM – Call For Candidates: Let this addendum serve as notice that per the bylaws of the Quest Federal Credit Union, if there is only one nomination for each board position opening and no candidate by petition, it will be determined that there is no contest by the Nominating and Supervisory Committee and no ballot will be mailed. Thank you, Quest Federal Credit Union
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Public Auction – 9/11/2017


Quest Federal Credit Union is announcing a sealed bid, public sale, for the following items:

  • 2008 Saturn Aura V6 (wrecked, salvage title, no keys)
  • 2002 Acura (wrecked, salvage title, no keys)
  • 1999 Ford F350 (no keys)

For additional info, contact:

Angela Newland @ 419-675-2442

Matt Jennings @ 419-674-4998

Submit SEALED BIDS to:

Quest Federal Credit Union
ATTN: Auction
12837 US Highway 68
Kenton, OH 43326

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Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH Debits

Effective 9/15/2017 – same day ACH payments

Member/owners – Please be advised that same day ACH Debits will become effective on September 15, 2017. This means any payments made by writing a paper check or made by telephone could clear your account on the same day you write the check or authorize the payment by phone.

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From the CEO – August 2017

From the CEO’s Desk

Hello, my name is Matt Jennings and I am the CEO of Quest Federal Credit Union.

I wanted to take a moment and update our owners on our progress and financial position as we round out the second quarter and hit our growth goals for mid-year.

2017 has been an exciting time for the Board and Staff at Quest. As you all know, we expanded to Upper Sandusky and Wyandot County last year and now we are focused on growing our new branch in a safe and sound manner and providing outstanding member owner service. Any expansion is a busy and hectic time and our mantra for 2017 has been “no new stuff!” That’s not to say that we are not updating our technology and looking for the best products and services to offer our member owners, we are simply taking 2017 and settling into our footprint across our 3 communities and making sure that our service continues to be top notch. Financially we continue to perform very well with membership growing at an annualized rate of 3.57%, our ROA is doing very well at 0.60%, loan growth is steady at 3.57% annualized and our Net Worth or your ownership share in the credit union continues to remain constant at 9.25%. We couldn’t ask for better results post-expansion and that is a testament to the loyalty of our owners and the acceptance of our new owners and credit union family members in Wyandot County.

This is one of my favorite times of year and you may ask why? Simple answer, its Fair Season! Like everyone in our 3 communities, the fair is an opportunity reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while, to enjoy great food and watch our young people excel with their exhibits and projects. I love it! Our VP of Branch Operations in Bellefontaine, Tobi Collins attended the Junior Livestock Sale for the Logan County fair held in mid-July and we were pleased to support the sale and help a large number of young kids be rewarded for their hard work. We see these young people bring their fair checks to the credit union and excitedly deposit the funds to assist with their first car, to buy their next project or to offset college expenses, it’s a pleasure to help these kids and watch them make good on the promise they hold for all of us. I invite you to come out and enjoy the Hardin County Fair (September 5th – 10th) and the Wyandot County Fair (September 12th – 17th) and visit our booth to enjoy peanuts and enter to win a great prize! I have included links below so you can check out the websites and schedule of events.


One last reminder, school starts in a few days and please drive safe and be cautious around our schools and when you see a school bus. Kids are excited to see their friends, meet their new teachers and show off their new tennis shoes and sometimes are not watching for traffic, please help them out and drive safe for your sake and theirs!

In closing, I hope you and your families have a very Safe & Happy end of Summer and early Fall! I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions from our Owners. I can be reached by calling the Main Office or via email at mjennings@questfcu.com. Thank you for your loyal patronage to Quest and I challenge you to Explore the Possibilities!

Quest FCU CEO, Matt Jennings Matthew Jennings, CEO
Quest Federal Credit Union
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Quarterly Newsletter – July/August 2017

The newest edition of Discovery, Quest Federal Credit Union’s quarterly newsletter is now available.

Click here to read Discovery!

Thank you!

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Main Branch Resurfacing

resurfacing Attention member/owners – at our Main Branch location we will be having the parking lot resurfaced this weekend, July 14 & 15, weather permitting. We apologize for the inconvenience, please be sure to use the ATM at our Jacob Parrott Branch location, 101 Jacob Parrott Blvd in Kenton. Thank you for your understanding!
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Summer Skip-A-Pay Is Back!


Need extra cash for your summer vacation? Need extra cash for back-to-school shopping?

Quest Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce to our membership that from July 01, 2017 through August 31, 2017, the Skip-A-Pay option is available!


With Skip-A-Pay, eligible loan payments may be skipped. Participation in the Skip-A-Pay program is allowed one (1) time annually, for each qualifying loan product. Eligible members can choose to skip a payment in person by requesting the skip with a Member Service Representative (MSR) or online, through the It’s Me 247 online banking platform. When skipped, a loan product’s maturity date and calculated interest payment for the next scheduled payment will be automatically updated and maintained in the system.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Members with a credit score of 640 or higher at the time of application
  • Members having a qualifying product for more than ninety (90) days
  • Members may take part in Skip-A-Pay for each qualifying loan

Eligible Loans:

  • Share secured loans
  • Unsecured closed end loans
  • New/used auto/RV loans

* Real estate loans, HELOC, AG*Quest loans, and unsecured lines of credit (VISA credit card) accounts are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay.


Common Questions:

Will the payment I’m skipping extend my loan term?
  • Yes, the maturity date of your loan will be extended by one month.
Will the loan continue to accrue interest for the month I skipped?
  • Yes, skipping this payment will increase the overall amount of finance charges for this loan.
Are there fees associated with the Skip-A-Pay program?
  • Yes, a $20 fee will be charged for each loan payment that is skipped.
When can I skip a payment?
  • Quest Federal Credit Union will designate 2 windows during the calendar year (January through December), during which eligible members can skip a payment for qualifying loan products. Notifications will be made and dates published as determined by credit union management.
Is the Skip-A-Pay program effective forever?
  • No, Quest Federal Credit Union can terminate this program at any time at the discretion of the board of directors or management.
Will my automatic transfers (AFT or ACH) be stopped for this month?
  • No, adjustments to automatic transfers will have to be made in person with an MSR or through online banking. It is the responsibility of the member to request or perform adjustments to automatic payments already in the system.
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Fewer Fees. More Frees.

Fewer Fees, More Frees!

Quest Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer our members access to more services and access to more options without the costs typically seen at other financial institutions.

We pride ourselves in offering more for less, so you keep more of your hard-earned money. We offer unparalleled digital access and services for your account.

* – Online bill pay is free with 5 or more products or services. $5.00/month for members with fewer than 5 products or services.

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Update – Jacob Parrott ATM

Jacob Parrott ATM In Service

Just in time for the weekend, the ATM at our Jacob Parrott Branch is back in service. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we serviced the machine. Have a great weekend!

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