LoanPay Xpress

Simple, convenient, loan payment options on your terms!

Make A Payment Today!

Need to make a payment on your Quest FCU loan? Use LoanPay Xpress to make payments on your Quest FCU loan(s) from an outside account.

Convenient and secure, LoanPay Xpress allows members to make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments to loans at Quest FCU.

  • Use a debit or credit card to make one-time and recurring payments*
  • Use your outside bank or credit union accounts to make payments
  • Add up to 4 payment accounts to make your payments
  • Payments will be posted to your account within two (2) business days generally
  • Flexibility and convenience, you control when payments are made

When you set up LoanPay Xpress the first time, here are a few items you’ll need to have:

  • Quest FCU Account Number (example: 123456)
  • Quest FCU Loan Suffix Number (example: 999 – with the above information, the format for your loan will be 123456999)
  • Quest FCU Primary Account Holder Information
  • Outside bank or credit union account number and routing number for ACH transactions
  • Outside credit or debit card number and card information

Ready to make a payment, get started today! Access LoanPay Xpress

Questions? Contact us by phone or text @ 800-333-9571 for assistance.

LoanPay Xpress makes use of a credit union partnered third-party website. The login information created/provided to LoanPay Xpress is separate from your online banking login information.

* – For payments made with debit and credit cards, a fee is applied to all payments. (Payments made via ACH from outside checking or savings accounts are free.)