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For the 13th year in a row, identity theft topped the list of consumer complaints. Of more than 2 million complaints filed in 2012, 18 percent were identity theft related.2 In 2013, 13.1 million consumers suffered identity fraud – the second highest level on record, costing $18 billion.

Quest Federal Credit Union’s identity theft protection gives you everything you need to safeguard your identity, protect your credit and help you recover should you become a victim of identity fraud.

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Should you become a victim of identity theft, ID*Protect provides you with access to a case manager who provides end-to-end recovery support on your behalf. Working as your advocate, the case manager handles everything from reviewing your credit report with you to notifying relevant agencies and creditors. They will assist you in placing fraud alerts on your credit report and will create your personal case file. Your case manager is there to walk you through the entire recovery process – until your identity and credit are completely restored.

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