mobile check deposit

Make check deposits whenever & wherever, with the Quest Federal Credit Union mobile app. Now member/owners can take advantage of mobile deposit capture! No time to make it to a branch today, tomorrow, ever?!? – no problem.

With mobile deposit, you can take a picture of your check as soon as you receive it, then see it deposited into your account within about 4 hours. (Posting occurs at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, & 11pm 7 days a week.) Checks should be held for about 2 weeks to ensure that the funds are deposited into your account and at that point, can be destroyed.

There are a few requirements you’ll need to be aware of, as well as a registration process, before you’re able to begin depositing checks via mobile deposit, but most member/owners with checking accounts open for at least 90 days and accounts in good standing will be eligible for this FREE service.

For more details and information about mobile deposit capture, please click to read: Frequently Asked Questions

To read the Mobile Deposit End User Agreement: Read EULA

Move Money

Once you have logged in, you can touch on Move Money at the bottom of the app.

Deposit Check

Touch Deposit Check to begin the deposit process.

Take Photo of Check

Take clear, non-blurry photos of your check front and back to be deposited

Confirm Check Deposit

Review the deposit information, including amount, deposit account, check images and then submit!.