The History of Quest Federal Credit Union

The Beginning

On June 30, 1969 the Board of Directors voted to organize the Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union. This Federally Chartered Credit Union would serve the employees of the Kenton Rockwell Plant and their immediate family members. Membership fees were a mere .25 cents per account with a minimum deposit of $5.00. The official colors adopted by the Board of Directors were Navy Blue and White and all deposits were private funds with no connection to Rockwell International other than the fact that local Rockwell employees organized the credit union.

The Credit Union got off to a very slow start with most individuals at Rockwell already established with different financial institutions in the area. Board Members carried membership cards in their tool and lunch boxes and signed up new members on breaks and after work hours. Members were encouraged to use the credit union as a depository for a small amount of their checks as a forced savings plan for rainy days, weddings, Christmas, etc.

From this meager beginning came a desire from the Volunteers and Members of the credit union to build up deposits and then allow themselves the luxury of borrowing against their shares in the credit union. Initial loans were $400 and were paid back weekly from the members paycheck.

The 70s and 80s

In 1971 the Credit Union opened a part time office located on East Franklin Street in Kenton and in 1972 grew to a point that the membership needed more space. The Rockwell Union Hall provided office space for the Credit Union for approximately 1 year until the Credit Union rented office space in the Knights of Columbus house located south of the Rockwell Plant on State Route 68. At this location the Credit Union continued to grow its membership and asset base and provided basic savings plans and small personal loans.

In 1975 the Credit Union had $250,000 dollars in assets and felt financially stable enough to purchase a vacant lot on State Route 68 South, which now houses the Main Office of the Credit Union. The Board of Directors found a used, modular bank building in Huntsville, Ohio and purchased this to begin operations in a Credit Union owned facility. By early 1976 the Credit Union had opened a part time office and began serving members.

By 1985 the Credit Union had grown in size to $3 million in assets and at that time began checking services. Shortly thereafter, the Board of Directors contracted with Jack Oney to construct a permanent building. Mr. Oney began construction on our present facility in September of 1987 and the Grand Opening was March 8th, 1988. At that time, the Credit Union had the Board of Directors and 4 employees, Betty Joyce Collins, Sherrill Titus, Caroline Buyer and Linda Reese (Garmon). By the end of that same year, the Credit Union had grown to $5.1 million in assets.

In 1987 and 1988 the credit union began to accept other Employer Groups from Hardin County into the Credit Union Family and some of the first were the Corinthian, USV Schools, Kenton Structural, Employees of Hardin County, McCullough Industries and WKTN Radio. After Select Employer Groups began coming into the Credit Union, the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Parish Credit Union and the Board of Directors of the Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union agreed to merge assets and members in November 1992.

Into the New Millennium

As assets and membership increased over the late 80s and early 90s, the need for more and better services became very apparent to the Board of Directors. In May 1994, the Credit Union opened its drive-thru services and added the first of ten local, No Fee ATMs. From this point on, the Credit Union began adding all forms of services that would enhance our relationship with the community and especially our membership. Checking, savings, Certificate of Deposits, IRAs, auto lending, home mortgages, personal loans, credit cards and recreational loans became normal services for our members to enjoy and take advantage of.

December of 1997 marked the transition of leadership to a new Manager when Matthew Jennings was hired to lead the credit union. The Board was very clear that the credit union needed to grow, change and diversify our assets and members, and they set the new Manager down this path. After a period of training in Credit Union operations and philosophy, Jennings began to add to the list of Select Employee Groups, taking the number from 31 to 45 SEGs. Membership growth and diversification became a staple for the staff to work towards while the credit union leadership positioned the organization to transition from a SEG credit union to a Community Charter credit union.

By June 1999, the Credit Union had grown to $17.5 million in assets and began work on expanding the existing facility on State Route 68 to accommodate administration and more loan officers. Gerdeman Hovest Construction completed this work in September 2000. The office now houses 13 employees and a meeting room capable of handling meetings, real estate closings and regional credit union meetings.

In December of 2000 the Credit Union broke ground on a new facility located on Jacob Parrott Blvd and construction was completed by CKP. The “Jake” opened on August 27th, 2001 and has been a huge success. The new location better serves the residential and shopping areas of Kenton and surrounding areas. At this same time, the Credit Union launched an effort to obtain a “Community Charter” for our credit union. This consisted of 3 years of compiling information about our County and area demographics to obtain the right to serve anyone who “Lives, Works, Worships or Attends School” within the boundaries of Hardin County, Ohio. This Community Charter was exhaustively researched and approved by the National Credit Union Administration to begin April 1st of 2001. At that time, the Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union became known as the Hardin Community Federal Credit Union. At the time of conversion, the Credit Union was serving 45 local, select employer groups.

Quest Today

Since 2001 the Credit Union has focused on providing relevant products and services to our members including an expanded website, online banking and online bill pay services. Several changes were made within the organization to continue improving the efficiency of your Credit Union.

January 1, 2009 marked the beginning of a new era at the Credit Union when the NCUA granted a charter expansion to include Logan County in our area of operation. At that same time, the Board of the Logan Community and Hardin Community FCU’s respectively, agreed to pursue a merger of the two organizations which was completed in early 2009 and has been a fantastic advancement for the membership of both credit unions. Logan Community FCU was the former IGA Employees Federal Credit Union chartered in 1954. The IGA FCU credit union served the employees of IGA stores, Super Foods and then Nash Finch employees with offices in Ohio and Michigan. The credit union had grown to 2,500 members and $15million in assets at the time of the merger and had moved its operations office to Sandusky Ave in Bellefontaine. Board Members of Logan Community Federal Credit Union were; Janet Moore, Harold Wears, Phil Zack, Howard “Bud” Jackson, Janet VanHoose, Jerry Van Horn, Lori Cramer, Laurie Hinders, Todd Henry and Gale Brunson.

Once the credit unions merged, the operations of both were rolled into one and centralized to achieve greater efficiency for all members involved. Adding an office in Bellefontaine was very good for the Hardin members and the additional products and services offered by Hardin, such as real estate loans, online banking with bill pay, etc were a leap forward for the Logan members as well. The end result of the merger was a multi-county credit union with 3 locations, 8 ATM’s, 23 employees, 10,500 members and $59million in assets.

2010 saw the credit union begin the realization of a long-term goal of our Board and Management Team with the construction of our newest branch located in Ada, Ohio. The branch will house 3-4 staff members, offering a full service line of products, services, high speed drive thru and a state of the art ATM. Ada is the home to several employer groups that have been large supporters of the credit union, as well as Ohio Northern University. The community has embraced our venture and the credit union is looking forward to bringing our brand of high quality member service with fairly priced products and services to this area. We plan to open the new Ada Branch in December 2010.

Quest Federal Credit Union officially re-branded ourselves on June 1, 2010 and the Board, Staff and Management Team believe that our new brand better represents the entire communities that we serve and speaks volumes about how and why we do business. Following the merger of our two credit unions, the names of Hardin and Logan were no longer representative of the entire membership and our area of operation. No matter how we chose to proceed, a portion of our membership may have felt left behind or disenfranchised. This is a cooperative and we are committed to making the best decisions for all of our members, not just a few. With that in mind, the Board and Management Team began a one year process to research, choose and develop a new brand that was reflective of the character of our communities and of the leadership of our Board. Quest as defined by Webster’s is; “to search for”. The credit union is constantly “searching for” a new and better way of achieving financial success for our members, thus the brand name Quest Federal Credit Union was chosen and the result is a strong, single word description of ourselves, our history and our future.


The Board and Staff Members of the Credit Union strive to not only serve our members to the best of their ability, but also to give back to their community. We are proud that all of our employees are residents of Hardin and Logan Counties and all are active in their schools, churches, civic organizations, fraternal organizations and much more. Recently the employees and board have donated time and money to several area projects including the Home Run Memorial Ball Park, Little Chicago Night, The Armory Restoration Project, The United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, many of the area schools and extracurricular youth activities as well. The Credit Union has been working hard with many area schools to bring financial literacy programs online to assist in instruction our youth how to save, budget and borrow wisely. We are proud of the contribution that the Board, Staff and Members have made to the present and future of Hardin and Logan Counties.

In closing, the Credit Union was conceived by and built by local hardworking individuals who knew that they could make a difference in the lives of their families and the lives of people in our community. We have 14 Board Members who volunteer their time to the Credit Union and have contributed countless hours to the betterment of the lives of our members. Our Board of Directors has a combined 214 total years of Service to the Credit Union! These are men and women of our community who have given of themselves to make their lives and the lives of the men and women who live, work or worship next to them better. Quest Federal Credit Union now boasts $63 million in assets, 10,900 members and new services being added as we speak. The Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank our membership for their loyalty and support and if you are not yet a member, we invite you to join Quest Federal Credit Union and “Explore the Possibilities”.