Savings & Checking Accounts

Simply a better way to bank…


Want to get started with Quest Federal Credit Union? Want a better way to bank? Of course you do! Become a member today by depositing the $5.00 par value into a Regular Share Account. That $5.00 secures your membership and will remain in your account as long you are a member. If you choose to close your Membership, the par value is returned to you*. There is no minimum balance (except for the par value) required for Regular Share Accounts. Interest is paid monthly on any balance over $150.00. Regular Share Accounts are limited to 6 debit transactions per month.

Sub Share Account(s)

You may have multiple Sub Share Accounts on your Membership Account. Sub Share Accounts have no minimum balance requirements and interest is paid monthly for balances over $150.00. Sub Share Accounts are limited to 6 debit transactions per month.

Transactional Share Account (eff. 5/1/2012)

No minimum balance requirements, interest is paid monthly for any balance over $150.00. Transactional Share Accounts have no transaction limits.

ATM Cards
  • Can be used to withdraw, deposit, make a credit union loan payment or transfer money in the ATM.
  • Convenience-can be used at the ATM 24/7.
  • No cost if you use Quest Federal Credit Union ATM’s or ATM’s in the Alliance One ATM Network.
  • No limit to use, no per-transaction fees.

Fee free checking accounts? Really? Yes. Really! Regular Checking Accounts have no minimum balance requirements and we charge you no monthly fees, guaranteed. Write as many checks as you want! There are no limits on how many checks you can write or how many transactions you can have. Manage your accounts from anywhere with our free online banking platform, free mobile application, free text banking, and free phone banking options.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are available with regular checking accounts as well as dividend-bearing checking accounts.

Debit Card Features!
  • Can be used to make a purchase or to withdraw funds from an ATM.
  • Can be used to withdraw, deposit, make a credit union loan payment or transfer money in the ATM.
  • Must have a checking account to have a debit card.
  • Debit cards are convenient; they can be used anywhere credit cards can, even at the grocery store and the gas pump.
  • No hassle of writing checks. Funds come directly out of your checking account.
  • No cost if you use credit union ATM’s or ATM’s in the Alliance One Network for your transactions.
  • No usage limits, no-per transaction fees.
Debit Rewards!

Members using their debit cards will be able to enroll in the ScoreCard Rewards program to earn valuable points on everyday purchases.

Earn Even More Rewards!

Enroll both your Quest FCU Debit and Credit Cards to earn double points for your purchases. Points can be added together to earn rewards more quickly!


Want to earn more interest? Open a dividend-bearing checking account! As a member with QFCU you can open a dividend-bearing checking free of charge. Tier 1 has an average daily balance of $500 to $1499 accruing at a set rate and Tier 2 has an average daily balance of $1500 or higher accruing at a higher rate. You have the same benefits of our regular checking with the dividend-bearing checking. Debit card, online banking, unlimited check writing, no fees for falling below $500, mobile banking app, and more! Dividend-bearing checking benefits you in ways that your regular checking doesn’t. You can keep a large sum of money in your checking, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to transfer money over and still earn dividends on the money that is sitting there.

Account Features

Transactional Share
(eff. 5/1/2012)
Checking Account
Dividend-Bearing Checking
Monthly Account Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
Minimum Account Balance $51 $0 $0 $4992
Online Banking Access FREE FREE FREE FREE
Mobile Banking App FREE FREE FREE FREE
EasyPay Online Bill Pay FREE3 FREE3 FREE3 FREE3
e-Statements FREE+4 FREE+4 FREE+4 FREE+4
Text Banking FREE5 FREE5 FREE5 FREE5

1 – $5 minimum balance represents the $5.00 par value share to become a member of the credit union.

2 – $499 minimum balance represents Tier 1 minimum balance at which interest can be earned. Tier 2 begins at average daily balances greater that $1500.00.

3 – Online Bill Pay is FREE for members with 3 qualification products/services AND enrollment in e-Statements.

4 – e-Statements is FREE+ service for which the credit union pays the member $0.25 per month while enrolled.

5 – Text banking is a free product service provided by the credit union, however, standard text message rates may apply based on your mobile carrier.