Support for Third Party Apps

Quest Federal Credit Union has had many members ask how to link their CU account to popular payment, fintech, & investment apps (Venmo, Coinbase, Robinhood, etc.). Many of these apps use a service called Plaid which asks for your online banking credentials (red flag) and asks you to disable two factor authentication (red flag) and security questions (red flag). Quest Federal Credit Union does not advise that our members use this service to link their accounts, nor do we fully support the use of the service at this time. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to use your online banking credentials for a third party service and especially when they ask you to disable security features. If they have a data breach, your online credentials are compromised leaving you open to massive fraud where a bad actor logs into your account and transfers out all of your money. Bad day.

Instead, you can link your account manually. These apps don’t like for you to link your account manually so you really have to dig to find out how to do this. Below, you will find instructions on how to do so. We will use Robinhood as an example, here’s how:

  • Log into your Robinhood account (app or web browser)
  • Navigate to your account settings
  • Navigate to link bank account
  • Plaid lists all of the big banks or you can search for Quest FCU. Here’s the trick: type in a garbage word… for this example literally type in “garbage”
  • The search won’t find anything and will then display the “link manually” option in tiny letters at the bottom
  • Tap the link manually and enter the routing number and the account number

This is the best way to link an account. As with any linking of your account details, it still poses a security risk but it is far less than entering your online banking credentials. This method works with many other apps as well.

In the future, Quest Federal Credit Union may support an integration with Plaid, however, at this time, the integration has been deemed too risky.

Robinhood Account Setup Steps

Please Note: these images may be updated in your (current) version of your app.

1. Add Account

Robinhood Account Link 01

2. Tap Continue

Robinhood Account Link 02

3. Type in “garbage”; tap on Link Manually

Robinhood Account Link 03

4. Tap on Checking Account

Robinhood Account Link 04

5. Type in Routing Number & Account Number

Robinhood Account Link 05

Venmo Account Setup Steps

Please Note: these images may be updated in your (current) version of your app.

1. Add Bank or Card

Venmo Account Link 01

2. Tap on Add Bank

Venmo Account Link 02

3. Tap on Manual Verification

Venmo Account Link 03

4. Enter Account Information

Venmo Account Link 04

Helpful Information

Routing Number

Quest Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number is 241279292 – this is public information and required to link your account to our credit union.

Account Type & Account Number

Quest Federal Credit Union recommends using a checking account only, as a means to send/receive funds. Your account number entered to link your account(s) should be the full account number as it appears on the bottom of a check. If you don’t have a physical check, but do maintain a checking account, you can contact the credit union and request your “MICR line”. This is longer account number but virtually guarantees that all transfers will be sent and received to the right accounts.


In order to complete the verification process, typically two (2) microdeposits of less than $1.00 will be made and deposited into your checking account once linked. This is done in order to verify that the account information is correct. Most systems require that the microdeposits be verified once received and in the order received. This is the final step required to ensure correct account information has been provided. Look for an email from the service or additional information as provided. This will finalize the account linking steps. (Please note, the monies will be withdrawn once the verification process has occurred, usually within the next 24-48 hours.)

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